About this Blog

A pastor named Matt Chandler challenged his listeners one day not to live their spiritual lives vicariously through their pastor. That challenge encouraged me to read the Bible on my own, for myself.

The mission of this blog is to encourage people to read the Bible for themselves by pointing them to the passages mentioned in sermons at Elevation, along with additional passages relevant to the topic.

It’s easy to get hyped up at church on Sunday. It’s another to do the hard work of engaging with God’s Word on your own on a daily or regular basis. I hope this is a resource to equip you to do just that.

Italic text means this is what I wrote down the pastor saying. It is not a word-for-word quote; it’s my quick and dirty summarization of what they are saying, because I’m typing really fast on my phone trying to keep up.

I also offer my own take, usually (but not always) noted with my name before the thought. Honest and cordial discussion is encouraged in the comments section of each sermon!